As the saying goes "the world is your oyster" - with HollyBolly, the opportunities are endless!

What started as a dream has morphed into a glamorous reality. HollyBolly, a one-stop-shop for talent acquisition, began as a platform to connect artists from the world’s biggest entertainment industries – Hollywood and Bollywood. Over the course of a year, HollyBolly expanded, bringing with it global opportunities for actors, models, singers, photographers, writers, stunt artists, designers, make-up artists and more.

Flash! Could You be The Next Top Model?

Introducing the HollyBolly Model Hunt 2019 - A Rendezvous with Stardom

The coming together of artists has led to the ‘HollyBolly Model Search 2019.’ An exciting venture, this competition shall serve not only as a platform for various artists to showcase their talent, but also bring glamour back into town. There are endless opportunities available to artists, and the HollyBolly Model Search can be your step towards stardom. As an active member of Media, Entertainment, Creative and Arts Community (MECA), HollyBolly ensures that the high industry standards of the community are adhered to.